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24v Kids Range Rover Ride on Toy Car

Original price was: $799.00.Current price is: $699.00.

  • Official Land Rover Product
  • True 24v
  • 240wx2 Powerful Motors
  • Rubber Wheels
  • Two-Seater
  • Leather Seats





    The Licensed  Range Rover from Oitek Toys Australia is a great choice for parents looking for a fun and safe ride-on car for their kids. The upgraded model with 2 powerful motors the ability to drive on grass and go over small obstacles, making it a versatile choice for outdoor play.

    Parents can also take full control of the car and its speed with the 2.4G parental remote control, giving them peace of mind while their kids are having fun. The added mp3 player with various connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB, AUX cable and TF card, is a great feature that adds to the overall experience and entertainment for both parents and kids.

    Overall, the Licensed Range Rover seems to offer comfort, luxury, style, and unlimited fun for kids up to 50 kg combined weight. It’s a great investment for parents looking for a ride-on car that offers both entertainment and safety for their young ones

    • Eva Rubber Tyres (FOR A SOFT RIDE)
    • Opening Doors and Hood
    • Start the “engine” with key
    • Battery 1 x 24 volt 7Ah True 24 volt for faster speeds
    • Bluetooth Parental Remote Control with Soft Start and 3-Speeds
    • Leather Seats with Seat Belts
    • Power of motor: 2x 240W Motors
    • Speed:4-11 Km⁄hr
    • Forward⁄ Reverse, Turn left⁄right steering wheel
    • Back wheel suspension
    • Working LED lights
    • SAA charger * Parent remote Control
    • CE material.
    • Suitable for children aged 3-7 years
    • Size: 146cm x 94cm x 66cm 30KG
    • Max weight loaded: 50KG
    • Charging period: 8-12hr⁄time
    • Battery operated , Continuous fun for 1-2 hrs

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