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36V 1000W Kids Electric Ride on Quad Bike Black

Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $850.00.

  • 36V 1000 Powerfull Motor
  • 12ah Large Capacity Battery
  • Spider Look
  • Safety speed lock with key for parents
  • 6 inch Wheels
  • Horn




    1000w 36v 6 inch Electric Kids Mini Quad Bike:
    Fitted with a fantastic 100 watt 36 volt motor! This is the market leader for performance and reliability.This mini quad is safe, quiet and simple to maintain!
    Great features include various speed settings, a switch dictates a choice of 3 speeds, 10km/h, 20 km/h or 30km/h. This makes it easy for parents to control how fast their child can go and increase it, as they gain experience or get older. As well as variable speed there is also forward, neutral and reverse gears with a twist grip throttle, specially designed for smaller hands.


    •   Safety and Design: EN approved
    •   Suitability:6+ years ( CHECK DIMENSIONS TO CHECK SUITABILITY )
    •   Use: Off Road Only
    •   Power: 1000w 36v Motor
    •   Battery : 36v 12ah ( 12vx3)
    •   Rated Speed:2800r/min
    •   Wheels:Front: 6 inch; Rear: 6 inch
    •   Speeds: 3 modes:8KMph,15KMph,25KMph (LOCKABLE VIA PARENT KEY )
    •   Run time: Approximately 60 to 180 minutes
    •   Range per charge(km): Approximately 22km
    •   Lights: LED Light
    •   Start Type: Switch On
    •   Gears: Forward/Neutral/Reverse
    •   Three Disc Brakes: Two front disk brakes and an independent rear disk brake for safety.
    •   Battery Type: Lead Acid
    •   Charge time: About 8-10 hours (charge 12 hours before the first time to use)
    •   Rated loading capacity: 60KGS
    •   Dimension (mm):Approx 1050x560x660mm
    •   Dry Weight:Approx 47kg
    •   Estimated Assembly Time: Approximately 30-40 minutes(not including initial charge time)
    •   Other Specs:Not Suitable for Wet Conditions.


    •   Always wear proper protective clothing.
    •   Read the instrucrtion manual before opreating.
    •   Never use the vehicle on public road. OFF ROAD use only.
    •   Never ride with a passenger.
    •   Never use with drugs or alcohol.


    •   This product REQUIRES ASSEMBLY. Tools will be required.
    •   Maybe need a 6 point Spanner to disassemble the screws on the iron frame.
    •   Use the supplied tools only as a last resort (we recommend the use of mechanics grade tools, may need to prepare extra tools by yourself).
    •   Potential purchasers should have, or should know someone, with a good understanding of mechanical products and experience in motorbike or bicycle mechanics.

    Your electric mini ATV may not have a fully charged battery; therefore it is better to charge the battery before use.
    Recharge time: Always remember to turn the power switch off and recharge for at least 9 hours after each use. When vehicle is not in regular use, recharge battery at least once a month until normal use is resumed. If you have left the power switch on or your product has not been charged for a long period of time the battery may reach a stage at which it will no longer hold a charge.
    Safety Gear:
    Always wear proper protective equipment such as an approved safety helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Always wear shoes (lace-up shoes with rubber soles), never drive barefooted or in sandals, and keep shoelaces tied and out of the way of the wheels, motor and drive system.

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