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Mercedes Benz EQG Concept G Wagon Kids Ride on Car 12v

Original price was: $499.00.Current price is: $450.00.

  • 4 x Driving Motors
  • 12V9AH Big Battery
  • Rubber EVA Wheels
  • Parents Remote Control
  • Leather Seats
  • Offical Licenced by Mercedes




    The Mercedes Benz EQG Kids Ride on Toy offers a unique blend of luxury, safety, and performance, creating an immersive driving experience for young enthusiasts. Let’s delve deeper into the key features that make this miniature version of the iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class a standout in the world of kids’ ride-on toys:

    1. Design and Luxury:
      • The EQG boasts a sleek and authentic design that closely resembles the adult version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, offering a taste of luxury for young drivers.
      • Optional EVA Wheels and a Leather Seat contribute to the overall elegance, providing a premium touch to the ride.
    2. Safety and Comfort:
      • Safety is a top priority, and the inclusion of a 3-Point Safety Belt ensures that young drivers are securely strapped in during their adventures.
      • Smooth handling is emphasized, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride for the young driver.
    3. Multimedia Features:
      • The built-in MultiMedia Console and Bluetooth Connectivity add a tech-savvy touch to the EQG, allowing young drivers to enjoy their favorite music or stories while on the go.
      • Realistic engine sounds and a responsive horn contribute to an immersive and exciting driving experience, replicating the feel of driving a real Mercedes-Benz vehicle.
    4. Power-Packed Performance:
      • The 12V/9AH battery paired with 4x Motors provides a robust power source, ensuring dynamic performance and an extended playtime.
      • The option of forward and backward drive, along with varying speeds, adds versatility and excitement to the driving experience, allowing young adventurers to explore their surroundings with ease.
    5. Fully Licensed and Detailed Replica:
      • The Mercedes Benz EQG is not just a toy; it’s a fully licensed and detailed replica of the 2024 Mercedes EQ

    The Mercedes Benz EQG Kids Ride on Toy stands out in the realm of children’s electric cars with a plethora of features designed to elevate the driving experience and provide a sense of luxury. Here’s a closer look at the standout features:

    1. Longer-Lasting 12V9AH Battery:
      • A powerful and durable 12V/9AH battery ensures an extended playtime, allowing young drivers to enjoy longer adventures without frequent recharging.
    2. Low/High Speed Mode:
      • The option for low and high-speed modes provides versatility, allowing parents to adjust the speed based on the child’s age and driving skills.
    3. Padded Leather Style Seat – Optional Upgrade:
      • The optional upgrade to a padded leather-style seat adds a touch of comfort and luxury, enhancing the overall driving experience for young enthusiasts.
    4. Soft EVA Tyres – Optional Upgrade:
      • Optional soft EVA tires contribute to a smoother and quieter ride, enhancing comfort and reducing vibrations during the driving experience.
    5. Incredible Light System with Lights All-Around:
      • An impressive light system, with lights positioned all around the vehicle, not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also enhances visibility for added safety.
    6. 3-Point Safety Harness:
      • The inclusion of a 3-point safety harness ensures that young drivers are securely fastened, providing an extra layer of safety during their adventures.
    7. Bluetooth Connectivity:
      • Bluetooth connectivity allows young drivers to connect their devices and enjoy their favorite music or stories while cruising in style.
    8. Separate Light Switch:
      • The ability to control the lights with a separate switch provides flexibility, allowing young drivers to customize their driving experience.
    9. 2.4G Parental Remote Control – Optional Upgrade:
      • The optional 2.4
    • Product Dimensions: 121 x 74 x 62CM
    • Product Weight: 20KG
    • Box Dimensions: 32 x 115 x 64CM
    • Box Weight: 24.5KG

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