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1. My driveway is sealed with an even surface
2. There is reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.
3. I acknowledge the delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver.

  • Remote Control
  • 24V Battery
  • 200w x 2 24 Volt motors Off-Road
  • Seat Belts
  • LED Lights
  • 8-10km
  • 3-8 years old
  • 50kg max
  • 2-Seater


Licensed Mercedes Unimog 24v


This sturdy mini ride-on truck is inspired by the classic Mercedes Benz Unimogmodel. With a powerful 24V equipped with large upgraded wheels and truck bed just like the real Mercedes Benz Unimog truck, it’s the ultimate 2-seater toy car that will put a smile on your kids face each time they ride it! The Mercedes Unimog comes with a rechargeable battery that can reach top speeds of up to 3mph with upgraded motors that comes equipped similar features of the real Mercedes Benz Unimog including superior leather seats, robust body kid with a spring suspension, upgraded wheels for extra shock absorption, and a premium sound system that will leave your kids in awe.

As parents, we know your kids love cars. This Mercedes Benz Unimog is the perfect gift for your child for any occasion. A true backyard outdoor driving experience that’ll make your kids look forward to every outdoor play with all the quality features for a ride they will remember for a lifetime! This product is suitable for kids ages 2-6 yrs and up (depending on the size of your child, see below specifications).


  • UPGRADED : Parental Remote Control w/Emergency STOP Button
  • UPGRADED : Leather Seats
  • UPGRADED :Eva Rubber wheels
  • UPGRADED : Battery life indicator
  • UPGRADED : 24V Battery
  • UPGRADED : UPGRADED 24V X2 High tourqe Motors
  • UPGRADED : 2 Wheel Suspension
  • UPGRADED : Bluetooth
  • Big Wheels
  • Opening Doors
  • Lifelike LED front lights
  • Lifelike LED backlights
  • Speed 9-10km/h
  • Running time on full charge 1-1.5 hours
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight Capacity: 50kg
  • Ages: 2-7 years

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 128 cm (L) * 85 cm (W) * 83 cm (H).

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