Top 3 24v Ride-On Toy Cars For Kids in Australia

Choosing the perfect gift for your little ones is no doubt a real joy, but it can also be a bit of a head-scratcher. Why? Because when it comes to picking something fun and adventurous for kids, parents often go out of options. And, they ended up picking something that did not please their kids.

If you’re on the lookout for something that’ll light up the face of your little champ with excitement and thrilling adventures, then look no further than electric ride-on cars. These ride-on cars are not only popular in Australia but also in other countries. These modern wonders aren’t just tons of fun, they also give kids a taste of the driving thrill from an early age. And, these toys are totally safe for kids. 

In this article, we will talk about the top 3 24V ride-on car toys guaranteed to spark your child’s imagination.


If you’re searching for a ride-on toy that combines safety and entertainment for kids of  3 – 8 years old, the 24V XL UTV MX 4X4 OFF ROAD BUGGY is an excellent choice. It comes with two-seater design and safety seat belts. Even if you have two kids at home, this super cool car toy has seats for both of them to enjoy an adventurous ride. The ride-on car boasts a music player with Bluetooth, USB, SD, and MP3 connectivity. This allows your little adventurers to groove to their favourite tunes.

Another striking thing is, that this ride-on car toy also features bright front and rear lights for added safety during nighttime adventures. Because of its high-quality four-wheel suspension and easy control steering,  it offers a smooth and controlled ride on various terrains. The functioning doors and trunk add a touch of realism, while the low battery alarm and safe, dust-proof switches ensure a secure and hassle-free experience. Moreover, it has 3 Speed options.

24v ride on cars

No 2. 24v 400w Rally Jeep Ride on car 4X4 Red

This 24V 400W Rally Jeep Ride-On Car is designed for young thrill-seekers who crave adventure. It comes with spacious two-seater design and safety belts to provide a comfortable and secure ride. This super cool 24v ride-on car can accommodate two children. It is equipped with four 100W engines and a high-capacity 12V 5Ah battery. Children can find three different speed options. And, it makes this ride-on car suitable for kids of varying ages.

It features headlights and coloured tail lights to make it perfect for nighttime play. It comes with built-in music and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing your children to enjoy their favourite songs on the go. This ride-on car toy has upgraded shock absorbers and sturdy metal frames to ensure a smooth ride on rough terrain. Plus, it offers two modes of operation: manual driving or remote control for the peace of mind of the parents.

No 3. 24V Licenced Can-Am Maverick Kids 800w Orange 4×4 Ride on Car

If you want to pick a ride-on toy car that combines style, power, and entertainment, this 24V Licensed Can-Am Maverick is a top contender. This officially licensed product offers a 1:4 scale model of the Dakar champion. It provides an authentic driving experience for your little ones. This electric ride-on car has large EVA wheels, coil-sprung rear suspension, and four 200W motors. And, its onboard radio, Bluetooth connectivity, USB, FM radio, and MP3 music options can take entertainment to the next level. 

Moreover, this super sturdy toy car has LED lights and a working horn to add style and safety to the mix. The safety harness and latching doors ensure a comfortable and secure ride for two kids. Parents can join the fun with the 2.4 GHz parental remote control, making it a great bonding experience.

Bottom Line

In a world where children are drawn towards screens and digital distractions, these 24V ride-on toys offer a refreshing alternative.

These electric cars not only provide real fun but also encourage children to spend more time playing outdoors. These ride-on cars are bound to create memories and amazing moments for your little explorers.

So, why wait? Gift your child the joy of adventure with a 24V ride-on toy and watch their eyes light up with excitement.

Wondering where to buy these 24v ride-on toys in Australia? Visit the official website of Oitek products. We only deal with licensed toys and offer competitive rates on our products. You will get a 6-month limited parts-only warranty on all of these ride-on toys and these are also available for pickup from Kelmscott.

Visit our website and book a desired ride-on car toy for your kid now.

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Is a Kids Pool Table Truly a Space-saving Gaming Solution? Unfold the Secret!

So, you have a renovation plan for your home where you desire to add a game room for your little ones so they can have fun with their mates. Unfortunately, it’s small, and you don’t have much space left for an extension. Now, what? In this case, we recommend a 4-in-1 convertible air hockey pool table – A perfect space-saving gaming solution. 

Not sure if it’s a truly great choice for your small game room? Let us help you ensure!

How Is a 4-in-1 Convertible Kids Pool Table a Great Space-saving Alternative?

Having a game room is just not about fun but a place of relaxation! So, when it lacks enough room, accommodating two or three games within that space isn’t a good idea if you really want your kids to feel relaxed while playing. 

Instead, you can better revolutionise your kids’ game room with a 4-in-1 convertible kids pool table and give an incredible gaming opportunity, while saving space. Here’s how:

Multi-functional feature

This 4-in-1 kids’ pool table is loaded with three different games with dining space options, making it incredibly multi-functional. No wonder whoever steps into your game room will find it impressive for sure! Your kids will never go out of entertainment with it. They can have hours of fun just in one place, including billiards, air hockey and table tennis. 

Moreover, when it’s time for dinner, they don’t have to come out of the gaming room! This air hockey pool table is amazingly convertible into a dinner table where they can appease their taste buds with delicious cuisines. 

Space-saving feature

 kids pool tableIt goes without saying every game comes with specific accessories, from billiards to table tennis to air hockey. Hence, you need a convenient storage to keep all the accessories organised what you can get with a 4-in-one convertible pool table. Its storage racks on both sides allow sufficient room to store all the gaming accessories. Yet, you can cut the need for a storage cabinet to accommodate the gaming stuff and save the floor space.

Compact design

Do you know what makes this pool table an exceptional choice for a small gaming room? Its compact size makes it easily fit into any corner of your game room, no matter how tight the space it has. 

Moreover, its dimensions of 2035mm x 1120mm x 840mm ensure it won’t have that much floor space. Yet, you will be left with sufficient room to plan decorating it uniquely, such as adding couches so the little ones can relax and chat after having fun for hours!

Get the Best 4-in-1 Convertible Air Hockey Pool Table Right Here

We hope you have got the answer to why the convertible kids’ pool table is an ideal choice for your small game room. And, if you are ready to revolutionise your kids’ playroom, browse our shop for the best quality pool table! At Oitek products, we have a great collection of air hockey pool tables, made of E1-grade MDF frame material. With the pool table, you will get a free accessory to play all three games loaded- Billiards, Air Hockey and Tennis. Your kids will have hours of fun without running out of entertainment options!

So, no more wait any longer! Add our versatile fun pool table to your cart now, and let your kids hands on it today!


Safety Tips for Kids on Electric Ride-on Toy Cars Parents Should Know

It goes without saying that electric ride-on cars are always on the top of the list when speaking of the best toys for your little ones, allowing them to exercise and get fresh air! From 24V Kids Willy Jeep Ride On Car 4X4 to Toyota Hilux Ute 24V Ride on car- There are a lot of options to cherish your kids’ childhood fun. No wonder electric toy cars in Australia are gaining more and more attention from parents! 

But, you can’t deny that these ride-on toy cars come with a few safety risks. Yet, being a parent, you need to have a clear idea of those so you can educate your children on safety tips before they get on the electric cars! 

And, today’s blog is all about that.

Electric Ride-on Toy Car Safety Tips for Kids Parents Should Be Aware of

Like every parent, you want your kids to have fun without the risk of injuries and accidents, right? And, educating them about safety and preventive measures regarding electric ride-on toy cars will ensure your little ones have accident-free fun! Let’s get started:

#1: Guide about the speed-

Admit it or not, little ones are always tempted to drive fast at a maximum speed, especially when they are behind the wheel in a ride-on electric toy car. Although these electric toy cars come with high-to-low speed control, kids can lose control while making quick turns or accelerating rapidly, causing falls, tip-overs or collisions and resulting in bruises, cuts and fractures.

So, make sure you choose electric ride-on toy cars with adjustable speed settings and parental remote control. Also, teach your little ones to use the lowest speed settings when they are a newbie at driving an electric car and gradually allow them once they gain self-control and good steering!

#2: Allow to drive on flat surfaces-

Without a doubt, rubber EVA wheels with a great suspension system and front aluminium bumper make this electric toy car seem ready to take rides on any terrain. But, it can be risky to let your kids drive down on uneven grounds, like gravel streets or steep hills, because the car can tip over even if a single wheel sinks or drops off an edge. Or, when you are allowing your children to ride on grass, carefully check the hidden holes and ditches in the lawn so they don’t drive into hazardous spots. 

#3: Only one rider at a time-

Electric ride-on cars usually come with 4×4 drive Leather seats, allowing only one or two kids to ride on at a time, although these vehicles tempt them to pile in. However, overloading can increase the chances of accidents as additional weight can cause compromises to steering, braking stability and even distractions!

#4: Buckle up

Today’s electric ride-on toy cars are just the smaller version of your original vehicles, including seat belts, headlights, front bumper and much more. Maybe the seat belt seems like a decorative piece here, teach your little ones to buckle those up every time they are behind the wheel. It will keep your children in the centre of the car’s seat, which means the fall risks are reduced if they drive across uneven patches or over bumps. Make sure you always check that the belt is secured!

#5: Mind the roads-

Even if your kids have gained great driving skills, make sure they are not out on real streets! The ride-on electric toy cars should be in the gardens or household driveways. On the roads, other drivers may miss them coming! Also, keep the maximum speed of their vehicle low and supervise their playtime.

In Conclusion

We hope this guide will help you understand what safety tips you should give your kids and keep yourself well aware of. And, if you are looking for a great collection of electric ride-on toy cars in Australia, browse our shop. At Oitek products, we have a great selection of ride-on car toys (with parental remote control) for children with amazing designs and styles, enough to tempt kids! Come to our shop and try a demo before purchasing one to ensure our models are safe for your little ones!

Click here to request a shopping quote now!

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