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Is a Kids Pool Table Truly a Space-saving Gaming Solution? Unfold the Secret!

air hockey pool table

So, you have a renovation plan for your home where you desire to add a game room for your little ones so they can have fun with their mates. Unfortunately, it’s small, and you don’t have much space left for an extension. Now, what? In this case, we recommend a 4-in-1 convertible air hockey pool table – A perfect space-saving gaming solution. 

Not sure if it’s a truly great choice for your small game room? Let us help you ensure!

How Is a 4-in-1 Convertible Kids Pool Table a Great Space-saving Alternative?

Having a game room is just not about fun but a place of relaxation! So, when it lacks enough room, accommodating two or three games within that space isn’t a good idea if you really want your kids to feel relaxed while playing. 

Instead, you can better revolutionise your kids’ game room with a 4-in-1 convertible kids pool table and give an incredible gaming opportunity, while saving space. Here’s how:

Multi-functional feature

This 4-in-1 kids’ pool table is loaded with three different games with dining space options, making it incredibly multi-functional. No wonder whoever steps into your game room will find it impressive for sure! Your kids will never go out of entertainment with it. They can have hours of fun just in one place, including billiards, air hockey and table tennis. 

Moreover, when it’s time for dinner, they don’t have to come out of the gaming room! This air hockey pool table is amazingly convertible into a dinner table where they can appease their taste buds with delicious cuisines. 

Space-saving feature

 kids pool tableIt goes without saying every game comes with specific accessories, from billiards to table tennis to air hockey. Hence, you need a convenient storage to keep all the accessories organised what you can get with a 4-in-one convertible pool table. Its storage racks on both sides allow sufficient room to store all the gaming accessories. Yet, you can cut the need for a storage cabinet to accommodate the gaming stuff and save the floor space.

Compact design

Do you know what makes this pool table an exceptional choice for a small gaming room? Its compact size makes it easily fit into any corner of your game room, no matter how tight the space it has. 

Moreover, its dimensions of 2035mm x 1120mm x 840mm ensure it won’t have that much floor space. Yet, you will be left with sufficient room to plan decorating it uniquely, such as adding couches so the little ones can relax and chat after having fun for hours!

Get the Best 4-in-1 Convertible Air Hockey Pool Table Right Here

We hope you have got the answer to why the convertible kids’ pool table is an ideal choice for your small game room. And, if you are ready to revolutionise your kids’ playroom, browse our shop for the best quality pool table! At Oitek products, we have a great collection of air hockey pool tables, made of E1-grade MDF frame material. With the pool table, you will get a free accessory to play all three games loaded- Billiards, Air Hockey and Tennis. Your kids will have hours of fun without running out of entertainment options!

So, no more wait any longer! Add our versatile fun pool table to your cart now, and let your kids hands on it today!

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