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A Parental Guide on Buying a Kids Electric Quad Bike

A Parental Guide on Buying a Kids Electric Quad Bike

Hey, do your kids love being outdoors and looking for adventure? Nothing can be a better gift you can present to them than an electric quad bike! In fact, the demand for electric quad bikes in Perth is quite at a peak these days since these bikes are well-balanced, making them perfect for little ones for an unforgettable riding experience. 

But being a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your child’s safety. So, no matter how amazing and easy this quad bike is for a ride from the get-go! Yet, it’s necessary for you to choose the right quad bike for your kids. Let’s see HOW. 

How to Choose the Right Quad Bikes for Your Kids

Well, it’s definitely good news: A lot of choices are available in the market for kids quad bikes now. On the contrary, making the right choice has become quite overwhelming for parents. 

Don’t worry! We have shared a buying guide here to make your decision-making easier. Let’s get started:

#1: Choose between electric quad bikes and petrol quad bikes-

Since it’s for your kids, electric quad bikes are always a safer alternative than petrol-powered quad bikes. Electric ones are easier to maintain and lightly suited to little children. Petrol-powered quad bikes are not generally designed for kids due to their size and risk. 

#2: Consider the right size of quad bike-

When choosing the first quad bike for your children, you should definitely determine the right size. It means you need to ensure that your little one can reach the foot pegs comfortably with a good knee bend while sitting on it. Otherwise, the ride won’t be as safe and comfortable as it should be. So, choose the model that is secure and cosy for your child. 

Also, consider your kid’s weight to make sure the quad bike you choose and the little one can control it well. Or else it may affect their balance and performance. 

#3: Check how powerful the quad bike is-

If it’s the first quad bike for your little one, you should go for a lower-powered quad bike. For example, a 24v 350W quad bike with 15 Km/h speed is best for kids for a first-time ride. 

Also, ensure the bike has different speed modes for restriction whenever required. With this, you can keep an eye on their speed and rest assured that your kids are safe. 

#4: Features to check-

When it is your kids’ first ride on a quad bike, no wonder their safety will be your priority. So, before the purchase, look for the following features:

  • Air tires
  • Strong and durable heavy-duty iron frame
  • Reverse gear for easy turns
  • Headlight and horns for a safe ride on the road
  • Throttle speed controller
  • Three speed modes
  • Comfortable and easy-to-reach footrest

Bottom Line

So, are you looking for an electric quad bike in Perth? Pay a visit to Oitek products! We have a great collection of Kids Mini 24v 350W Quad Bike RED and other quad bike models for your little ones. 

And the best part is that you can visit our shop and try demo models before purchasing to ensure that our quad bikes are really safe for your kids. So, why wait? Shop now!

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