Safety Tips for Kids on Electric Ride-on Toy Cars Parents Should Know

It goes without saying that electric ride-on cars are always on the top of the list when speaking of the best toys for your little ones, allowing them to exercise and get fresh air! From 24V Kids Willy Jeep Ride On Car 4X4 to Toyota Hilux Ute 24V Ride on car- There are a lot of options to cherish your kids’ childhood fun. No wonder electric toy cars in Australia are gaining more and more attention from parents! 

But, you can’t deny that these ride-on toy cars come with a few safety risks. Yet, being a parent, you need to have a clear idea of those so you can educate your children on safety tips before they get on the electric cars! 

And, today’s blog is all about that.

Electric Ride-on Toy Car Safety Tips for Kids Parents Should Be Aware of

Like every parent, you want your kids to have fun without the risk of injuries and accidents, right? And, educating them about safety and preventive measures regarding electric ride-on toy cars will ensure your little ones have accident-free fun! Let’s get started:

#1: Guide about the speed-

Admit it or not, little ones are always tempted to drive fast at a maximum speed, especially when they are behind the wheel in a ride-on electric toy car. Although these electric toy cars come with high-to-low speed control, kids can lose control while making quick turns or accelerating rapidly, causing falls, tip-overs or collisions and resulting in bruises, cuts and fractures.

So, make sure you choose electric ride-on toy cars with adjustable speed settings and parental remote control. Also, teach your little ones to use the lowest speed settings when they are a newbie at driving an electric car and gradually allow them once they gain self-control and good steering!

#2: Allow to drive on flat surfaces-

Without a doubt, rubber EVA wheels with a great suspension system and front aluminium bumper make this electric toy car seem ready to take rides on any terrain. But, it can be risky to let your kids drive down on uneven grounds, like gravel streets or steep hills, because the car can tip over even if a single wheel sinks or drops off an edge. Or, when you are allowing your children to ride on grass, carefully check the hidden holes and ditches in the lawn so they don’t drive into hazardous spots. 

#3: Only one rider at a time-

Electric ride-on cars usually come with 4×4 drive Leather seats, allowing only one or two kids to ride on at a time, although these vehicles tempt them to pile in. However, overloading can increase the chances of accidents as additional weight can cause compromises to steering, braking stability and even distractions!

#4: Buckle up

Today’s electric ride-on toy cars are just the smaller version of your original vehicles, including seat belts, headlights, front bumper and much more. Maybe the seat belt seems like a decorative piece here, teach your little ones to buckle those up every time they are behind the wheel. It will keep your children in the centre of the car’s seat, which means the fall risks are reduced if they drive across uneven patches or over bumps. Make sure you always check that the belt is secured!

#5: Mind the roads-

Even if your kids have gained great driving skills, make sure they are not out on real streets! The ride-on electric toy cars should be in the gardens or household driveways. On the roads, other drivers may miss them coming! Also, keep the maximum speed of their vehicle low and supervise their playtime.

In Conclusion

We hope this guide will help you understand what safety tips you should give your kids and keep yourself well aware of. And, if you are looking for a great collection of electric ride-on toy cars in Australia, browse our shop. At Oitek products, we have a great selection of ride-on car toys (with parental remote control) for children with amazing designs and styles, enough to tempt kids! Come to our shop and try a demo before purchasing one to ensure our models are safe for your little ones!

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How to Choose the Perfect Kids Motorbike Toy Car in Australia

Are you tired of searching for the perfect toy to surprise your little ones? Do you want to gift them something they will cherish for a long time? We understand the dilemma parents face while choosing a toy car that’s safe, durable, and reliable for their children. That’s why, at Oitek Products, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision while purchasing kids’ motorbike toy cars in Australia

So, sit back, relax, and read on to bring joy to your little ones with this ultimate guide on choosing the perfect kids’ motorbike toy car in Australia.

Understanding the Types of Motorbike Toy Cars for Kids:

We all want what’s best for our children. Hence, understanding the different types of motorbike toy cars available in the market can help you choose the perfect one for your little rider. Here are some popular types of motorbike toy cars available in Australia that you can consider before making a purchase-

  • Sports Motorbike Cars: Are you looking for the­ perfect toy to thrill and excite­ your little racer? Look no further than our sports motorbike­ cars. With their sleek, ae­rodynamic designs and powerful engine­s, these toys are sure­ to provide a thrilling riding experie­nce for any child who loves spee­d and competition. Available in a variety of colours and style­s to suit every taste, the­se cars are the­ perfect way to ignite your child’s passion for racing.
  • Off-Road Motorbike Car: We have just the­ thing for your adventurous child – off-road motorbike cars! These­ toys boast exceptional ground clearance­ and sturdy tires, allowing them to handle rough te­rrain with ease. Not only are the­y perfect for outdoor play, but they’ll also provide­ your little one with a thrilling ride that’s both challe­nging and exciting. 
  • Electric Motorbike Cars: These motorbike cars are powered by electric motors and are gaining popularity among parents due to their eco-friendly and quiet operation. They are easy to use and can be controlled with a simple push button. Moreover, these cars come in a variety of styles and sizes, making them suitable for children of different ages.
  • Battery-operated Motorbike Cars: Battery-operated motorbike cars are affordable and easy to use. They are designed with small motors that run on batteries and are ideal for beginners. Plus, they are available in a variety of colours and styles, making them a popular choice among parents.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Kids Motorbike Toy Car in Australia:

As a devote­d parent, you want to ensure that your child has the­ best possible toy car expe­rience. But with so many options available in Australia, it can be­ overwhelming to choose the­ perfect motorbike toy car for your little­ one. Keep re­ading for the following important factors to consider when se­lecting a toy car in Australia-

  1. Safety: As a parent, you always want to make­ sure that your child’s safety is the top priority. Whe­n it comes to buying toys for them, this become­s even more crucial. That’s why we have­ crafted our motorbike toy cars with the utmost consideration for safe­ty. 
  2. Age Appropriateness:  We­ all want our kids to have a blast while playing with their toys. But it’s crucial to pick the­ right motorbike toy car that fits your child’s age range. He­re at our store, we’ve­ got you covered with a vast sele­ction of motorbike cars suited for children.
  3. Size of the Toy: When se­lecting the perfe­ct motorbike toy car for your child, size matters. We have a variety of sizes to suit different age groups. You can choose from small or large ele­ctric motorbike cars to ensure you find the­ perfect fit for your little one­’s needs.
  4. Battery Life and Recharge Time: The battery life and recharge time of a motorbike toy car are important factors to consider. Our electric motorbike toy cars have long battery life and short recharge time to ensure your child can enjoy hours of uninterrupted playtime.
  5. Design: The design of the motorbike toy car is also a factor to consider when selecting the perfect one for your child. We offer a wide range of motorbike toy car designs that are fun and engaging, from flashy sports bikes to rugged off-roaders.

Bottom Lines: 

At Oitek Products, we belie­ve every child de­serves to have a toy car that is not only fun but also safe­ and durable. That’s why our ele­ctric motorbike toy cars meet Australian safe­ty standards and are made with high-quality materials. We­ understand the importance of affordable­ prices for our customers, which is why we strive­ to offer top-quality products while kee­ping prices reasonable. 

So, why wait? Visit our store in Perth and check out our wide sele­ction of electric motorbike toy cars in Australia and let your kids enjoy a fre­e demo ride! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give­ your little ones the time­ of their lives. Come on down today!


What to Consider to Buy a Ride-on Car Toys for Your Kid

4 Must-considerations While Buying Ride-on Car Toys for Your Kids

No matter which kind of toys children see, they get excited to have them since they are not quite specific with their choices of toys. But being a parent, you should be, especially while looking for the best ride-on car toys in Australia. When your little ones start to grow, nothing can be a better present than this you can give them. 

But while buying one, you need to keep a few things in mind and consider those. We have discussed those major points here. Let’s get started!

What Things Should You Consider for Ride-on Car Toys for Your Kids?

Ride-on car toys are an amazing gift for growing children since it just doesn’t give them fun but contribute to their development, such as improving motor and gross fine skills. Also, their understanding widens, for example, how to manage cars, make turns, slow down or speed up.

But while presenting them with a ride-on car toy to have fun and adventure, keep in mind and check these important facts:

Age Appropriateness-

It’s necessary to choose a car toy for your child that’s perfect for their age. It’s not just about their comfort level but ensuring safety as well. 

For example, if your little ones are 3 years old, they have already developed motor skills, which means they can handle up to 24V car toys, depending on their ability. 

Now, if your children are 8 years old, they usually prefer car toys that look like real ones! For instance, you can choose ride-on car toys that come with sound effects, such as MP3 Player USB interface Bluetooth speakers, to make the cars feel realistic, like KIDS WILLY JEEP RIDE ON CAR 4X4 MILITARY GREEN

Design and Quality-

There are endless options available for designs! You can find various styles that look like real ones due to their features, such as quads, 4X4 drive leather seats with seat belts, LED lights, speakers and so on. With such high-end options, you can present your kids with a real car version. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Remote Control-

No matter how stylish and ride-on car toys you buy for your kids, their safety is your priority, right? So, when buying a ride-on car toy, always choose the one with parental remote control, for example, Mercedes Benz Unimog 24V Ride on Car. It’s necessary, especially when your little ones are newbies. In the beginning, kids often drive out of control since they don’t understand the acceleration concepts. Here is when you can use the remote to bring the car toy in control! 

Number of seats-

Well, you can find variety in this case. For example, many ride-on car toys come with two premium quality leather seats with seat belts, while a few you can have even three seats or two separate seats, such as Toyota Hilux Ute 24V Ride on car White DK HL850. However, a two-seater car toy fits just one child usually for a comfortable ride, spending on the rider’s size. 

Where to Find the Best Ride-on Car Toys in Australia

Look no further than Oitek products to buy the best ride-on car toys for kids in Australia! We have the best-ever collection of car toys your little ones will love. Before the purchase, visit our shop and try demo models to ensure our car toys are safe for your children. 

So, no more waiting! Shop now!

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