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Busted Truth: Is an Electric Dirt Bike the Best Choice for Your Kid?

kids quad bike electric

Recently, electric dirt bikes have been on the craze among Aussie kids. Its style, design, and vibrant colours give children excitement to explore the outdoors and go on a little adventure. No wonder more and more manufacturers in Australia are focusing on making these dirt bikes even better for little ones. However, as a parent, being concerned about whether electric dirt bikes are best for your kid is quite normal. After all, their safety is your priority. 

Want to make sure before buying one? Keep reading the blog to get your answers.

Here’s Whether An Electric Dirt Bike Is Best for Your Little Ones

When it comes to electric bikes, manufacturers are aiming to develop kids’ electric dirt bikes more and more for different abilities and ages. But, if you aren’t sure whether you should get one for your little one, we can give you three reasons why it is the best choice for children to have fun and adventure outdoors. Such as:

Tuneable power

Electric mini dirt bikes for kids give the little ones wings to fly and explore outdoors. They feel like they are on the first adventure of their lives, especially with the speed. But, as a parent, it can be a concern for you, as children can go out of track when they fail to control the speed they are riding at. Yet, when buying a dirt bike, always go for the one with customisable speed. 

For instance, you can choose a 36v 800w Kids Electric Mini Dirt Bike popular as the best electric dirt bike for kids. It comes with three-speed controls, ensuring detuned or enhanced speed as per the rider’s ability to control. At the basics of riding, keeping at a lower speed can be friendly and mellow for your little ones and make them feel confident enough to up the power eventually.

kids quad bike electric


The worst thing you probably face as a parent is complaints from neighbours against your naughty kids, like making noise on the streets or backyards when they play, which certainly leaves them disturbed and disrupted. But, with electric dirt bikes, you can rest assured about cutting out the complaints! 

Most dirt bike models for kids are seamlessly accessible almost anywhere, such as in your backyard (if you have the space) or any park down the street, without making any noise, which is the best perk of this adventurous ride. Hence, you can eliminate the risks and concerns of dirt bike riding as well. 

Minimal maintenance

In the previous era, traditional dirt bikes were heavy and required heavy maintenance, which was impossible to handle by a little 6 to 10-year-old kid. Yet, everything comes upon parents, whether to oil the air filter or change it before every ride or every few hours. Overall, you need to have a huge knowledge of it while spending a lot of money on maintenance. 

But, with the advancement of electric dirt bikes, kids can ride them without worrying about such maintenance hassles. These eBikes take minimal maintenance to perform in order, like just charging the battery for 7 to 8 hours. 

In Conclusion

So, what do you say? Are you ready to get an electric dirt bike for your kids? If yes, and you are seeking top models, shop at Oitek products! We have a variety of choices for the best electric dirt bike for kids in affordable ranges. Our dirt bikes come with a big 36v 12ah battery and an 800-watt motor, allowing children to have the utmost fun. However, with its three-speed controls, you can ensure their safety. 

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