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Here’s Why Every Bodybuilder Should Have Adjustable Dumbbells at Home

best adjustable dumbbells

Hey, are you a bodybuilding enthusiast? If yes, we guess you spend most of your hours on muscle-building to achieve your fitness goals, isn’t it? Yet, no wonder if you have already made your bedroom almost a small gym with weight-lifting equipment, especially dumbbells. 

But, when you have a small space, spreading fitness equipment all around the room can create clutter, which means the chances of hitting your toes increase. That’s why we are here, introducing a space-saving option to support your muscle-building goals- Adjustable dumbbell sets.

Wonder why? We can give you more than one reason to add it to your home’s fitness setup. Read on. 

Reasons Why Every Bodybuilder’s Home Should Have an Adjustable Dumbbell Set 

Adjustable dumbbells are not just about saving space in your room and avoiding clutter; but beyond that. For instance, when you are aiming to build muscles, we hope you would like to use the most hours of the day so you can spend more time on it. But, this fact is undeniable, adjusting weights during training wastes a lot of time, which you can also avoid with adjustable dumbbells. In fact, there are more! Such as:

Adjustable weight

During weightlifting training, adjusting weight is necessary depending on your ability, muscle-building goals, the fit and toned body structure you desire, your height, your weight and much more. But, as mentioned, adjusting weight takes a lot of time to do accurately. Switching to adjustable dumbbell sets will cut the hassle and downtime, as its all-in-one design comes with 15 sets of weight in one set. You can increase the weights by 1 kg, 1.5 kg, or 2 kg. You just need to turn the dial on it to get started. Its locking mechanism will help you remove and secure weights faster. Hence, no longer spend hours switching weights!

adjustable dumbbell set

Better safety

An adjustable dumbbell set ensures better safety for weightlifters with its non-slip handle design, making it more comfortable to grip and lift. In fact, it’s safer for both beginners and regulars. You can simply turn the dial, change the weights, whether you need the lighter one or the heavier weights, and go on building your muscle strength. Moreover, you can get flexible strength-training options with it, thanks to the ergonomic design of adjustable dumbbells, making it the best customised and practical fitness equipment for muscle building. 


With a small space in your bedroom, it is impossible to keep it clutter-free when you spread all your fitness equipment everywhere on the floor, especially the weights. Also, it can cause injuries when wandering around the room. Adjustable dumbbells include around 15 or more sets of weights in one set, which means you can keep the weights in one on the weight plate when not in use and have enough room for other activities. 

Full body exercise

Even when muscle building is your fitness goal, a toned body requires an enhanced resistance level and a hard-core workout in all areas of your body. Adjustable dumbbell sets allow you to do full-body exercises like lunges, curls, shrugs and raises. Leveraging this all-in-one fitness equipment will help you build muscle strength step-by-step. 

In Conclusion

So, are you already going to get an adjustable dumbbell set? If yes, buy adjustable dumbbells online at Oitek products! We are offering this customisable and practical fitness equipment at affordable rates. Our adjustable dumbbell is equipped with an ergonomic-contoured holder and a comfortable grip. You will get a combined 15 sets of weights in one design, ranging from 2.5 kg to 24 kg. Hence, you can gradually move to heavier weights from the lighter ones as your resistance level increases.

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