What to Consider to Buy a Ride-on Car Toys for Your Kid

4 Must-considerations While Buying Ride-on Car Toys for Your Kids

No matter which kind of toys children see, they get excited to have them since they are not quite specific with their choices of toys. But being a parent, you should be, especially while looking for the best ride-on car toys in Australia. When your little ones start to grow, nothing can be a better present than this you can give them. 

But while buying one, you need to keep a few things in mind and consider those. We have discussed those major points here. Let’s get started!

What Things Should You Consider for Ride-on Car Toys for Your Kids?

Ride-on car toys are an amazing gift for growing children since it just doesn’t give them fun but contribute to their development, such as improving motor and gross fine skills. Also, their understanding widens, for example, how to manage cars, make turns, slow down or speed up.

But while presenting them with a ride-on car toy to have fun and adventure, keep in mind and check these important facts:

Age Appropriateness-

It’s necessary to choose a car toy for your child that’s perfect for their age. It’s not just about their comfort level but ensuring safety as well. 

For example, if your little ones are 3 years old, they have already developed motor skills, which means they can handle up to 24V car toys, depending on their ability. 

Now, if your children are 8 years old, they usually prefer car toys that look like real ones! For instance, you can choose ride-on car toys that come with sound effects, such as MP3 Player USB interface Bluetooth speakers, to make the cars feel realistic, like KIDS WILLY JEEP RIDE ON CAR 4X4 MILITARY GREEN

Design and Quality-

There are endless options available for designs! You can find various styles that look like real ones due to their features, such as quads, 4X4 drive leather seats with seat belts, LED lights, speakers and so on. With such high-end options, you can present your kids with a real car version. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Remote Control-

No matter how stylish and ride-on car toys you buy for your kids, their safety is your priority, right? So, when buying a ride-on car toy, always choose the one with parental remote control, for example, Mercedes Benz Unimog 24V Ride on Car. It’s necessary, especially when your little ones are newbies. In the beginning, kids often drive out of control since they don’t understand the acceleration concepts. Here is when you can use the remote to bring the car toy in control! 

Number of seats-

Well, you can find variety in this case. For example, many ride-on car toys come with two premium quality leather seats with seat belts, while a few you can have even three seats or two separate seats, such as Toyota Hilux Ute 24V Ride on car White DK HL850. However, a two-seater car toy fits just one child usually for a comfortable ride, spending on the rider’s size. 

Where to Find the Best Ride-on Car Toys in Australia

Look no further than Oitek products to buy the best ride-on car toys for kids in Australia! We have the best-ever collection of car toys your little ones will love. Before the purchase, visit our shop and try demo models to ensure our car toys are safe for your children. 

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A Parental Guide on Buying a Kids Electric Quad Bike

A Parental Guide on Buying a Kids Electric Quad Bike

Hey, do your kids love being outdoors and looking for adventure? Nothing can be a better gift you can present to them than an electric quad bike! In fact, the demand for electric quad bikes in Perth is quite at a peak these days since these bikes are well-balanced, making them perfect for little ones for an unforgettable riding experience. 

But being a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your child’s safety. So, no matter how amazing and easy this quad bike is for a ride from the get-go! Yet, it’s necessary for you to choose the right quad bike for your kids. Let’s see HOW. 

How to Choose the Right Quad Bikes for Your Kids

Well, it’s definitely good news: A lot of choices are available in the market for kids quad bikes now. On the contrary, making the right choice has become quite overwhelming for parents. 

Don’t worry! We have shared a buying guide here to make your decision-making easier. Let’s get started:

#1: Choose between electric quad bikes and petrol quad bikes-

Since it’s for your kids, electric quad bikes are always a safer alternative than petrol-powered quad bikes. Electric ones are easier to maintain and lightly suited to little children. Petrol-powered quad bikes are not generally designed for kids due to their size and risk. 

#2: Consider the right size of quad bike-

When choosing the first quad bike for your children, you should definitely determine the right size. It means you need to ensure that your little one can reach the foot pegs comfortably with a good knee bend while sitting on it. Otherwise, the ride won’t be as safe and comfortable as it should be. So, choose the model that is secure and cosy for your child. 

Also, consider your kid’s weight to make sure the quad bike you choose and the little one can control it well. Or else it may affect their balance and performance. 

#3: Check how powerful the quad bike is-

If it’s the first quad bike for your little one, you should go for a lower-powered quad bike. For example, a 24v 350W quad bike with 15 Km/h speed is best for kids for a first-time ride. 

Also, ensure the bike has different speed modes for restriction whenever required. With this, you can keep an eye on their speed and rest assured that your kids are safe. 

#4: Features to check-

When it is your kids’ first ride on a quad bike, no wonder their safety will be your priority. So, before the purchase, look for the following features:

  • Air tires
  • Strong and durable heavy-duty iron frame
  • Reverse gear for easy turns
  • Headlight and horns for a safe ride on the road
  • Throttle speed controller
  • Three speed modes
  • Comfortable and easy-to-reach footrest

Bottom Line

So, are you looking for an electric quad bike in Perth? Pay a visit to Oitek products! We have a great collection of Kids Mini 24v 350W Quad Bike RED and other quad bike models for your little ones. 

And the best part is that you can visit our shop and try demo models before purchasing to ensure that our quad bikes are really safe for your kids. So, why wait? Shop now!

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Adjustable Dumbbell Set: Say Goodbye to Weight-changing Hassles!

Adjustable Dumbbell Set: Say Goodbye to Weight-changing Hassles!

Standing in 2023, weight training has become an essential part of your daily workout regimen, especially when you are after muscles and a toned body! Weight training is the best way to achieve your fitness desires. 

However, gone are the days when it was possible to get weight training only at the gym. With adjustable weight dumbbells, you can meet your fitness goals, even from the comfort of your home. 

But if you are still deciding whether to invest in smart adjustable dumbbell sets, we can tell you the top 4 reasons, pointing to a YES. Let’s get started.


4-In-1 Convertible Pool Table: A Perfect Addition to Your Entertainment

4-In-1 Convertible Pool Table: A Perfect Addition to Your Entertainment

Admit it or not, having a game room is the best way to add entertainment at home. In fact, if you own a home bar, you may well know how fascinating it feels to play games in between sips of drinks!

So, while looking forward to a perfect gaming addition to your premises, turn to a 4-in-1 convertible pool table featuring Air Hockey, Table Tennis, Billiards and a Dinner table! We ensure that this addition can revolutionize your entire home bar space and game room.

You may be wondering what makes this simple pool table such an exceptional choice. Well, let us resolve your doubts and queries!


4 Fast Facts About Electric Quad Bikes Making Them Best Toys for Kids

4 Fast Facts About Electric Quad Bikes Making Them Best Toys for Kids

Being a parent isn’t easy. You need to take care of every single thing, good and bad, for them. For example, You look for some tempting toy for your children but want them to go out as well to embrace the fresh air outside, Right? After all, enjoying the outdoors is equally necessary, even if your kids have a lot of digital devices for indoor entertainment.   

Do you know how to do so? Electric quad bikes for kids are your answer. Your little ones can enjoy the riding adventure while discovering the greatness and freshness of the outdoors as well. 

If you’re wondering what makes kids electric quad bikes a perfect choice for their toy collection, let us tell you the facts. Read on! 

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